Heinz Ketchup Metaverse Win

Location, location, location…. in the No. 1 game in the World. 🙇🏽‍♂️Take a bow HEINZ Ketchup…! For mixing old-school and new-school. See how #realestate‘s traditional ‘LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION’ has been adapted to a new metaverse-type situation to enhance real world sales. Check out the award-winning #hiddenspots campaign with the Number 1 gaming company in theContinue reading “Heinz Ketchup Metaverse Win”

Is “Proptech” definition out of control?

Until very recently, there was a strong consensus that Real Estate is fundamentally different from an imagined virtual world. The 2018 movie reference to Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ was used to underline the potential dangerous differences of real vs the imagined: the imagined place being where you can enter with your helmet, and actContinue reading “Is “Proptech” definition out of control?”