Dashflow for CRE success stories

How does Dashflow do it? Get to know us a little better to discover what makes our unique tool the ultimate option for millions of businesses worldwide.

Innovation across borders

Operating primarily out of London and Sydney, and with staff working in half-a-dozen countries, we are the epitome of cross-border innovation.

Our mission is to allow everyone to develop and understand investment propositions in a quick, easy and correct way. Our vision is to provide imaginative design, financial agility and world leading technology to make that mission a reality.

Dashflow is all about simplicity and a design that makes it a joy to use and an opportunity for learning and creativity.

The Dashflow Uniqueness

Authoritative Outputs

Dashflow produces sophisticated, precise and reliable financial models. Its AI simplifies use, cuts through complexity, removes errors of reasoning, and abolishes drudgery at work. Uniquely, the app checks its own results via a Live Excel Model.

Breakthrough Tech

Dashflow does what has never been done before. It provides today next generation software that enables creativity by removing all clutter and mechanical concerns. Dashflow is super-fast, ultra-easy, convenient and transparent. Importantly, using Dashflow is fun!

Business Benefits

Dashflow is a business tool that offers a breakthrough for the business as a whole. Modelling is just one function. Senior staff can use the app to view the deal strategically and modify it easily. Junior staff can concentrate on the tiniest details of the model. Others can use it to negotiate or to present. Teams will find it invaluable in debates.

Mobile-First Plus

In today’s business world, computing is primarily mobile. Wherever you go, wherever you are, you have your deal with you on an iPhone or iPad. It can be used naturally in almost any social or business setting. No internet is needed. In addition, you have in the device a wealth of convenient accessory apps to enhance your communications.

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The heart of Dashflow

Our founders and directors may be client-facing for the Dashflow brand, but we couldn’t achieve all we do without every other member of our ever-expanding team. From back-office staff to coders, customer developer to administration, our global team is the heart of Dashflow, working all hours of the day and night to make our brand better each day.

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