The Award-Winning Platform
for CRE appraisals

Dashflow reimagines a smarter way of doing appraisals
and supercharged it with a stack of cutting-edge features
unlike anything else out there:

Fast Appraisals Made Simpler.

Dashflow takes care of the number-crunching for you and boosts productivity. Say goodbye to lengthy manual data entry and formulas.

Automated Cash Flows: Instantly convert your tenancy files and assumptions into cash flows with returns on a single visualised dashboard: IRR, profit, peak equity and more.

Interactive Real-Time Analysis: Get instant answers easily via a dynamic experience. Just tap or swipe data and charts to play with scenarios and see returns in real-time.

Detailed Assumptions at Your Fingertips: Price core, core+ and value-add deals by adjusting unit-by-unit leasing events, CAPEX, costs, gearing and more.

Smart Rentroll Import: Import your tenancy files and get data automatically organised for you. Get reports on any issues and how your Defaults were applied.

Floorplan Builder: Sketch your own stacking plans or footprints from the ground up in 5 easy steps then cashflow your creation with just one tap.

Convert Brochures: Save time by converting tenancy schedules from PDF brochures into importable data.

DashModel™ integrates seamlessly into today’s office workflows
Best in Class Financial Models.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This platform steps-up productivity, taking a job of days to minutes.” Financial Modelling Innovation Awards

With our award-winning DashModel™ you can spend your productive time stress-testing profitability scenarios instead of creating onerous models, fixing errors or questioning where numbers came from.

Automated Financial Modelling: Turn your preferred deal IRR and cashflow into a fully-customised financial model in Excel with the tap of a button. See brief example here.

Fully Transparent: Anyone can intuitively understand and check how numbers are derived in every model. We deliver every formula behind each assumption in an easy-to-follow structure.

Flexible with Live Formulae: You can modify calculations and every level of input directly in the model, just like you built it yourself. We do not dump static data.

Reliable & Accurate: The first to validate IRRs in two ways: one AI-powered route via Dashflow and the other is Excel-driven via DashModel™ – so you know numbers are safe.

For Everyone Anywhere.

Dashflow is a simple yet powerful everyday app at your fingertips – no training needed, just start using it.

Intuitive Hand-Gesture Interface: Dashflow works with the same hand gestures you already use on your everyday devices. No typing, no lengthy menus and no painful searches for commands.

No Excel Skills Required: Dashflow rewards property skills rather than modelling skills. It converts your asset ideas into returns that all staff may analyse to contribute for decision-making.

Fully Compatible: Whether it’s Powerpoint, Excel, WhatsApp or text messaging, Dashflow works with existing messaging apps and software so it seamlessly fits in with your daily work life.

Appraise Anywhere: Don’t be tied to your office or desktop. Dashflow comes in your pocket with devices you already own. Get out there, look for deals, talk to people and appraise on the go.

DashPoint™ integrates seamlessly into today’s office workflows
Create Documents Faster

Use Dashflow to be more productive with the app’s automated documents, reports and presentations that are instantly ready to be shared. Export your deal anytime into:

  • Pitch Decks
  • Valuations Reports
  • Financial Excel Models
  • Asset Mgmt Documents
  • Investment Highlights
Unleashing Teamwork

Dashflow is so much more than a number-crunching machine. Our collaboration features let teams share appraisal work and collaborate together on deals with ease.

Share Files: Everything you do is easily shareable. Email or text message any of your Dashflow documents – like your pitch deck, model or investment highlights – to get feedback and collaborate on a deal.

Broadcast in Meetings: Broadcast Dashflow app and its magical dashboards directly on the screen during team meetings to work on appraisals together and turn ideas into numbers in real-time.

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