NEW: Desktop Extension

The leading Commercial Real Estate cash flow modelling engine arrives to Desktop.

The Extension is for all devices: Desktop, Laptop, Mac, iPad, Surface, Android, iPhone.

3 Simple Steps

It’s never been easier to create cash flows.

1. Drag-and-drop your tenancy schedule from your desktop folder

2. Flex team assumptions to select IRR scenario

3. Request MaaS* to deliver safe, consistent and convenient Model

*MaaS: Modelling-As-A-Service (AI writes the 5, 10 or 15k+ of formulae you need)

On Demand Modelling-As-A-Service approach builds and delivers a custom and clean model.
Why is MaaS method unrivalled for speed, accuracy and convenience?

• Each AI-built model is double-checked per the ‘Vier Augen Prinzip’ (the Four Eyes Principle). This is in great contrast to today: whereby analysts run their individual workflows, and spend tons of time checking for easily-made human error, which is a 80%+ risk for the best of institutional teams.

• In minutes, if not seconds, MaaS approach helps avoid using a valuable analyst to run demoralising and repetitive work. Over 90% of XLSX modelling is repeat work. Over 90% of speculative deals do not earn fees for an investor.

• AI-driven modelling is a game-changer – effectively ‘a remote control’ for Microsoft Excel labour carried out over the past 30+ years. Analysts can now spend more time evaluating, scenario-creating, comparing deals, imaginatively presenting, and doing far more value-added tasks for a sociable business revolving around people in the property industry.

• It’s not restrictive like being trapped in enterprise software which keeps your data and calculations hidden in the cloud. MaaS provides a familiar, Discounted Cash Flow model that is 100% transparent and you can fully-control in your Excel desktop as usual.

Do I need to be an expert Cash Flow modeller?

Absolutely not! So long as you are a property professional with an understanding of RICS terminology, all you need to do is check that 2 IRRs match. E.g. if Dashflow calculates 10.5% IRR and Excel independently shows the double-checking formulae calculate 10.5% IRR, you can proceed to share the cash flow with a high degree of confidence.

However, if you are a high-value institutional Excel analyst, you can benefit from MaaS delivering 90%+ of what you need for EBITDA-level purposes and then you can rapidly add your own preferred post-tax worksheets or edit and refine any of the worksheets prepared for you by AI to create complex bespoke multi-scenario workbooks.

Ensure your team is up-to-speed