ChatGPT and real estate cash flows

Is the explosion of ChatGPT about to disrupt the livelihoods of real estate investment analysts any time soon? And will opportunities at entry level be at risk? Who, how and what will be produced to satisfy the ongoing institutional needs for discounted cash flow modelling and demands of acquisition, asset management and client reporting dueContinue reading “ChatGPT and real estate cash flows”

ChatGPT acts as different Real Estate professionals.

It seems that every journalist is writing about ChatGPT. We invited ChatGPT to a Q&A behaving like a Real Estate investor sceptical about tech, and then asked ChatGPT to review the Q&A and write an article like a Real Estate journalist. ChatGPT: “Here’s my [default] response as a commercial real estate private equity professional whoContinue reading “ChatGPT acts as different Real Estate professionals.”