NEW: FindIRR Deal Emails

The first Commercial Real Estate IRRs geared for emails., the free-to-access community tool for Commercial Real Estate professionals, is reimagining the use of your deal emails and sharing of IRRs. Instead of sifting through spreadsheet files or Argus/MRI files or even Forbury-styled Excel-oriented cash flow software, what if you could simply open your email,Continue reading “NEW: FindIRR Deal Emails”

ChatGPT and real estate cash flows

Is the explosion of ChatGPT about to disrupt the livelihoods of real estate investment analysts any time soon? And will opportunities at entry level be at risk? Who, how and what will be produced to satisfy the ongoing institutional needs for discounted cash flow modelling and demands of acquisition, asset management and client reporting dueContinue reading “ChatGPT and real estate cash flows”

ChatGPT acts as different Real Estate professionals.

It seems that every journalist is writing about ChatGPT. We invited ChatGPT to a Q&A behaving like a Real Estate investor sceptical about tech, and then asked ChatGPT to review the Q&A and write an article like a Real Estate journalist. ChatGPT: “Here’s my [default] response as a commercial real estate private equity professional whoContinue reading “ChatGPT acts as different Real Estate professionals.”

What is IRR?

What is the Internal Rate of Return? This article is not intended to be a recital of academic articles of which there are many on the internet. This is intended as a practical guide to use IRR in the everyday office workplace, particularly, in the Commercial Real Estate investment management industry. The Theory The IRR,Continue reading “What is IRR?”

WeWork hits Hollywood

After books, FT reports, podcasts and endless profile features, WeWork has now hit Hollywood via Apple TV’s latest series: WeCrashed. First off: what an inspired choice to just let a fabulous unicorn walk through the offices during the opening credits. It is Executive Produced by the two lead actors Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, whoContinue reading “WeWork hits Hollywood”

Avison Young highlight new use case

UK Councils recently invested well in excess of £6 billion per annum and there are no signs of this activity stopping. We are delighted that Avison Young’s trialling of Dashflow highlights a new use case in this space: City Council teams do not commonly spend vast amounts on traditional enterprise software like Argus Enterprise orContinue reading “Avison Young highlight new use case”

Is “Proptech” definition out of control?

Until very recently, there was a strong consensus that Real Estate is fundamentally different from an imagined virtual world. The 2018 movie reference to Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ was used to underline the potential dangerous differences of real vs the imagined: the imagined place being where you can enter with your helmet, and actContinue reading “Is “Proptech” definition out of control?”

🥂 5th Anniversary of Dashflow for CRE!

This month we take the briefest of moments to reflect on and celebrate our 5th anniversary of our start-up endeavour: our journey to bring the benefits of Dashflow into the Capital Markets space of global Commercial Real Estate. We want to express our gratitude to all those inside and out of the team who helpContinue reading “🥂 5th Anniversary of Dashflow for CRE!”

The 200-year Healey & Baker Party

The Royal Automobile Club was the setting for the Healey & Baker 200-year party towards the end of 2021. It was a blast from the past. Familiar faces from the pre-Cushman & Wakefield era were mingling, hugging, joking and circulating the room from one scrum surprise to another with a precariously wobbling stemmed glass inContinue reading “The 200-year Healey & Baker Party”

Morgan Stanley: Everything is a DCF

It’s official: gone are the good old days of all-risk-yield-driven Investment Valuations satisfying best-in-class practices as a primary methodology. While experienced dealmakers know when they see a good deal, best-in-class investors require due diligence (‘DD’) to back-up any deal instincts or implicitly mysterious arguments for a quick desktop valuation. Since the 1990s this DD workloadContinue reading “Morgan Stanley: Everything is a DCF”