NEW: FindIRR Deal Emails

The first Commercial Real Estate IRRs geared for emails., the free-to-access community tool for Commercial Real Estate professionals, is reimagining the use of your deal emails and sharing of IRRs.

Instead of sifting through spreadsheet files or Argus/MRI files or even Forbury-styled Excel-oriented cash flow software, what if you could simply open your email, click a link and explore IRRs with one link easily available in your deal email and conversation thread?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well try out FindIRR’s initial version now available: after you answer a few investment prompts it allows you to mash-up the simplicity of email with the power of the worldwide web. No account set-up, no payments or subscriptions. It redefines the way you can use email on single-tenant deals. Each email you receive from FindIRR isn’t just a message; it’s a unique investment opportunity waiting to be explored…
How does it work?
You answer investment questions on, and then have the opportunity to share an email to your inbox containing a completely private and unique link (the ‘data’ is not stored in the cloud or at risk of being viewed by others). Clicking on that same email link transports you or any email reader immediately back into the interactive IRR calculation, which is pre-populated with the investment assumptions from earlier.

Many institutional deals can be simplified with simpler and more modern IRR tools like without the bells and whistles that come with too much complexity. Check out this ABDN transaction (‘Aberdeen’) example here to inspect an example link shared via a FindIRR Deal Email:

ABRDN (ABERDEEN PLC) institutional deal example:
The following is an example of private deal email for your inbox using FindIRR. Click below to check out and explore the 6.0% IRR returns.

This means you can instantly flex and explore potential returns at any time, while skipping tedious data entry or error-prone calculations in ad hoc spreadsheets. It also helps skip the use of specialist 3rd party cash flow software that may be better suited to far more complex portfolio-type deals. And it helps all levels of staff… many senior professionals or client-facing pros have no time or interest to learn & operate analyst-type software just to view a headline IRR.

What do we love about this? It suits whatever email style you already adopt in your workplace! It’s totally up to you how you already organise your emails… Each deal email in your inbox can now contain a distinct deal scenario. Just a click away from further analysis to change target entry/exit yields, rent review estimates, debt, etc. Click the email link on your office desktop or mobile while networking, and you are catapulted straight into the interactive investment display.

It also means every recipient cc’d into your email can also quickly access the interactive returns to double-check the IRR for themselves. No need to force a colleague or client fund back to the desk, log-in to expensive enterprise software, set-up a new weird file, etc. Best of all, none of the other participants in the email thread require an account, subscription or special privilege to access your private link. They just need to be included in your email…

For large corporates, this saves a lot of effort and time. In a typical team of 100 brokers in an American team, you may have ~10 focused on more complex portfolio/multi-let deals. The other ~90 spending manual time exploring single-tenant deal IRRs. FindIRR’s approach is of interest to all these professionals who operate across a variety of real estate asset classes, and often in the $5-20 million lot size category with net leases.

This revolutionary approach not only saves time and cost but also provides a level of enjoyable clarity, transparency and precision unattainable with traditional methods from the 1990s. From an onboarding perspective, it also allows all RICS investment surveyor professionals to avoid learning additional new software.

To recap, with FindIRR, you’re not just checking your email; you’re starting to control your real estate scenario returns, tightly integrated with your deal conversations.

Try out convenience and experience the growing power and flexibility of email for your real estate IRR convos! Let us know your thoughts, and watch-out for upcoming features that will build upon this email-friendly approach.

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