Avison Young highlight new use case

UK Councils recently invested well in excess of £6 billion per annum and there are no signs of this activity stopping. We are delighted that Avison Young’s trialling of Dashflow highlights a new use case in this space: City Council teams do not commonly spend vast amounts on traditional enterprise software like Argus Enterprise orContinue reading “Avison Young highlight new use case”

15-year Smartphone Anniversary: 9-Jan

The iPhone redefined and encapsulates what everyone wants in their pocket. It set the bar. It’s strange to think that 30-year-olds are practically tech veterans in terms of understanding how the iPhone is entering the business scene. 20-year-olds can’t remember graduate life without them. 15 years ago Steve Jobs revealed 3-innovations-in-1 in his indomitable style.Continue reading “15-year Smartphone Anniversary: 9-Jan”