NEW: Online DashModel Store!

We are delighted to launch the first online deal store of its kind for the more complex multi-let commercial real estate situations!

Now you can visit, download and flex institutional cash flow models tailored to each respective deal (aka ‘DashModels’). Thanks to AI, these are typically 95% smaller and easier to review/check/enhance than traditional in-house corporate template models.

With our ‘Deal Beans’ products, your investment assumptions become the equivalent of using the Coffee Beans to the required ‘bidding’ strength you deem appropriate. AI can help with the modelling, but it can’t predict the future. Looking forward remains an essential human investment talent.

Deal Beans Products: Set prices to your required ‘strength’

This type of AI-driven output (Modelling As A Service) saves the equivalent of £7-to-£15,000 – i.e. bringing a temp consultant onboard to build a new, flexible, unlocked DCF model for your team’s underwriting purposes.

Welcome to 21st-century cashflow modelling

A typical Excel institutional Analyst can now order and download deal model templates. Not any old template, but an institutional-grade design that addresses the specific rent roll for the deal in question.

This avoids major hassle and saves spec and manual team labour at no-brainer pricing. For example, a typical investment surveyor loses more than five hours of desk work, and at a cost-to-company of over £400 each time. And this is only for 1st-cut spec figures which are 95% unlikely to bring in fees. Manually-run cash flow iterations then run into additional hundreds if not thousands of pounds for each business cost centre.

In contrast, each downloadable product could not be easier: it doesn’t depend on old-school Excel add-ins, or browser-based hidden cloud calculations. More importantly it is 100% transparent compared to an ‘old school’ Argus Enterprise black box calculation. Each XLSX file is unlocked and can be branded quickly per your team’s guidelines.

DashModels are pre-populated with the multi-let rent roll schedule for the respective deal. This is produced with the best risk-management checks available in the market today for your efficient convenience and time saving to focus on more value-added commercial team tasks beyond the world of spreadsheets…

And of course… you will continue to gain access to select complimentary deal files if you are signed-up to our newsletter. We appreciate your support!



If interested in creating your own ‘Deal Beans’, get a Dashflow demo today to enquire about a risk-free B2B team trial.

Making Commercial Real Estate cash flow life easier

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