JLL Retail tries on Dashflow

The Team from Dashflow are delighted to announce that JLL Regional Retail Capital Markets (‘RCM’) team have become initial Dashflow users.  This is the second starting group of users from a major global brokerage since lockdown ceased in the UK.

This relatively small user step forward represents a substantial ongoing B2B journey within one of the world’s largest property organisations that has over 90,000 employees across 80+ countries. This process commenced in 2019 and involves efforts across many teams including IT -spread between London and Sydney-, JLL technical architects, and JLL’s dedicated Procurement staff. All B2B steps are pivotal so that front-line end-users can start running through their paces with Dashflow.

“We look forward to supporting JLL’s wider team to share the story with investment surveyor colleagues across the UK regions.  It represents a refreshing alternative for professionals that clearly wish to turn around numbers more quickly and effectively – leaving behind the painful, clunky and risky 1990s-type appraisal software which demand increasingly costly enterprise training from property firms.”, says Pawel Zbros, Director of Sales.

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