DF Converter Upgrade

We are delighted to release the latest upgrade of the DF Converter app (‘Dashflow Converter’).  Dashflow Converter is an essential key component of the World of Dashflow as it empowers Analysts to import from Commercial Real Estate investment brochures (PDF files) and create instantly user-friendly files which can be used in Dashflow to view the asset cash flow profile and likely IRRs.

Recently we discovered one of our most-valued clients took 3 days to copy & paste and input over 100 tenancies into their template model in Microsoft Excel.  The source of the data was buried in a PDF brochure. Dashflow Converter is the easiest, fastest and user-friendly manner to avoid this manual aggravation and analyse the investment metrics that matter to your clients.

For Analysts that must deliver Microsoft Excel Discounted Cash Flow (‘DCF’) results to assess Commercial Real Estate assets.

DF Converter is part of Dashflow+ subscription at no extra cost to existing users.

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