The Southside Building, Birmingham


Dashmodel: an AI-built Discounted Cash Flow model template for Q22023 investment sale listing for The Southside Building, 31 Hurst St, Birmingham, B5 4BD. Contact the broker ACRE Capital (,,, for the investment brochure info.

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This DashModel is an Excel file produced by AI to facilitate financial modelling scenarios for The Southside Building deal (Q2 2023). Contact the broker ACRE Capital (,,, for the investment brochure info.

Disclaimer: This investment model does not represent an offer or solicit bids. No guarantees or assurances are provided by Intellect Automation Limited on the completeness, accuracy or validity for investment brochure information from the broker or consequent cash flow figures.  Upon opening the file, you accept sole responsibility for any usage and/or investment views derived directly or indirectly from viewing and editing the Discounted Cash Flow model (aka ‘the DashModel’). We recommend you always contact a professional commercial real estate investment broker for formal final advice and your own due diligence should you plan to invest in the subject property.


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