CEO backs Dashflow

​“Seeing Dashflow in action was a light bulb moment for me”

Robert Gilchrist, a London-based international real estate veteran, has made a significant investment in Dashflow. He will also be serving as an ambassador and business advisor.

With over 34 years active involvement in pan-European investment, Robert brings a wealth of experience and contacts.

He was a founder of  Rockspring Property Investment Management, and was its CEO for 14 years prior to the company’s sale to Patrizia AG in 2017. His focus on developing new products was a significant factor in Rockspring’s growth, into a market leader.

​“Seeing Dashflow in action was a light bulb moment for me. Aside from its ease of use, I can see a myriad of applications for this product across the industry, locally and globally. This is groundbreaking stuff, and something I would have loved to have had access to at Rockspring.  I’m sure Dashflow will become a “go to tool” in the real estate industry.”

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