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Enter the World of Dashflow – get to the heart of deals.

We’re like nothing else in the marketplace…


No-hassle, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that can be used by anyone at any level to bolster team workflows.


The only appraisal tool to serve up institutional-grade modelling that’s instantly checked, changed & shared.

Super Fast

Convert your daily inbox rent roll schedules into profitability scenarios in just minutes, even seconds.

Appraise in Minutes

Improve productivity more than 30x with incredibly fast appraisals and near instant iterations.

Sketch Building Profiles

Create stacking. plans or footprints from scratch reaching Cash Flow in 5 easy steps.

Import Rent Rolls

Import rent rolls directly from Excel and reach Cash Flow almost immediately.

Work Offline

Access and process your deal anywhere at any time without requiring an internet connection.

Sync Easily

Sync specific deals between iOS devices effortlessly so you can work on a deal at your convenience.

Consumerist Interface

An intuitive friendly design leads to easy learning: just use the app. Say goodbye to lengthy menus and painful searches for commands.

Socially Innovative

An iOS device can be pulled out anywhere to check or show a deal without any fuss or embarrassment: in a meeting, in a cafe, in a train, anywhere.

Explore Scenarios

Adjust and manage events, income, expenses and more to creatively develop a deal strategy.

Iterate in Seconds

As new ideas and deal info emerge in real time, Dashflow lets you change the model instantly to accommodate.

All Needed Granularity

Easy inclusion of relevant leasing events, tenant details and deal structures.

Close Deals Faster

The ease and speed means instant answers to queries, rapid responses to partners, and smoothed interactions among staff.

Use Anywhere

Don’t be locked in your office glued to your desktop: get out there, look for deals, talk to people and appraise on the spot.

Magical Dashboards

The Dynamic Dashboard lets you play with profitability scenarios, while the Master Dashboard gives you direct access to every detail.

For Team Meetings

Turn any deal idea into a number in the meeting instead of wasting time arguing merits and then letting ideas float till the following day or week.

Check Appraisals

Only Dashflow gives you two independent calculating engines: one AI-powered, the other Excel-driven. Each validates the other.

Transparency and Audits

The app exports an Institutional-quality financial model with live Excel formulae allowing a transparent audit of calculations.

Create DashModel

Get >90% of your Excel model in <5% of the time without the drudgery and risk. Then develop it further with tweaks and proprietary features.

Import from Brochures

Say goodbye to error-prone copy and paste. With a few taps, convert that PDF brochure schedule into an Excel rent roll for quick importing.

Export to Powerpoint

Export the deal directly into PowerPoint to create compelling, accessible presentations.

Share with Colleagues

Share a snapshot of the deal, the deal file itself, an Excel model, special reports and indeed any screen of interest via messaging and emails.

Multiple Use Cases

Everyone in the transaction team needs Dashflow for their own specific purpose: to work on deal strategy, to check risks, to negotiate with lenders, to manage debate in meetings, & more.


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Argus-type productsExcel spreadsheetsDashflow for CRE
SpeedSlowFast/SlowVery fast
DifficultyHighVariesVery low
Risk of ErrorVariesHighLow

What others have to say…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I have been building and reviewing CRE models every day for the last 2 years and your product is the real deal.”

European Vice Chairman
Top-10 global PERE firm

“The next generation of real estate underwriting: a super-fast and intuitive solution.”

Fund Manager
Cromwell Property Group

“Your product is really really great… very innovative.. I think it is going to change the way that property investors across all risk spectrums underwrite assets.”

Head of Financing, Leading UK CRE Investment Company

Sketch the property

and edit anytime

• Sketch as a footprint or stacking plan by tapping, swiping and pinching.

• Follow a simple wizard of 5 easy steps to enter all lease details easily and see cash flow.

• Correct errors and omissions simply, including changing assignation of units to tenants.

• Automatically see the sketch in your shared highlights and instant PowerPoint presentation.

Import quickly

from Excel or PDF

• Transform unwieldy documents into fully-realised displays.

• Use existing data more effectively in seconds by importing Excel files.

• See your data as you’ve never seen it before.

• Easy import and export to share files effortlessly with clients and your team.

Immediately explore

sensitivities & scenarios

• View all the figures in one convenient, practical location.

• Keep up-to-date on the latest predictions with to-the-minute statistics.

• Give your numbers a purpose with an empowering Dashboard.

• Never fall behind with instant access from your iPhone or iPad.

Test the limits

of your investments

• Try different scenarios risk-free within the Dashboard.

• Explore countless outcomes with a fully-realised system..

• Make the right call with accessible data at your fingertips.

• Make decisions quickly and easily – no additional software required.

Share directly with

clients and your team

• Export deals over a range.

• Keep up-to-date on the latest predictions with to-the-minute statistics.

• Give your numbers a purpose with an empowering Dashboard.

• Never fall behind with instant access from your iPhone or iPad.

Key Business Feature: DashModel™

Easy & safe double-checks of IRRs

And more private equity metrics

Dashflow’s ground-breaking approach won the ‘Model Builder’ award at the Financial Modelling Innovation Awards 2020, supported by University of Cambridge’s leading expert in the field, Gridlines and Microsoft’s Global Excel Summit.

Most frequent question…

“Does it provide Live formulae?”

Leading institutions check numbers in Excel. Dashflow builds Live financial models with formulae in seconds.

Every AI-custom model is tailored to each deal and is indistinguishable from days of human labor.

For everyone. From CEOs to VPs, from Associates to PAs.

For investors, fund managers, brokers, advisors, partners, lenders…

Dashflow provides complete compatibility for businesses’ IT infrastructure. Dashflow works with business-issued devices and BYODTW (Bring Your Own Device To Work) and flexible workplace policies.

Key Business Feature: Seamless workflows

Unrivalled desktop compatibility

For Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook

Dashflow saves the copy & paste drudgery across multiple documents. Get total convenience by exporting deal ideas into asset management documents for Microsoft Word, cash flows in Microsoft Excel and client presentations for Microsoft Powerpoint.

Seeking practical innovation?

Sketch and explore your investment returns

In an increasingly competitive global field, numbers are at the heart of financial decision-making.

“We have to be accurate at what we do.”

Mark Ridley, Chief Executive of Savills

Ready Set Go!

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