To avoid beginner aggravation we highly recommend running this <3 minute example to get a full sense of the Dashflow journey: i.e. from importing email, visualising your interactive IRR, and then conveniently requesting On Demand a new desktop model to back-up all the numbers.

Use the following tenancy schedule file for this case study example:


1. Hold Press email attachment and select “Share” to send to Dashflow.

2. Go to HOME > NEW DEAL > tap “Cash Flow” and import tenancy schedule.

3. In CASH FLOW screen, swipe to visualise your Price, Debt and Hold Period

4. Go to ASSUMPTIONS MENU > EXPORT > DashModel to request a new Excel model with Live formulae you can check in the usual Analyst way…

close up of a keyboard

Congrats – you’re done!

This 1 minute vanilla deal screening example saves:

  • 1-5 hrs butchering, reviewing and checking a corporate model
  • 5-10 days if you need to create a new institutional cash flow model for a new team, new business or new fund strategy.
  • Priceless time you gain in confidence by checking 2 matching IRRs for your next meeting. Simply check your Desktop Microsoft Office IRR matches your Apple device IRR.

NB: If you’ve lost a few minutes trying this on your own device without success, hold on tight and wait for your B2B Onboarding session so that we can get you on the right path without beginner’s aggravation.