An essential tool for CRE investing. On its own and complementing existing systems.

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Enabling solo creativity + team efficiency.

Powerful + adaptable for each transaction stage:

whether buying, holding or selling

Improve productivity over 30x

Reduce errors & support audits

Release creativity & boost morale

Dashflow is your best companion for Explaining


With availability both offline and online, your team can do work from anywhere at any time.


No need for frustration: whatever you need to do for your CRE deals, Dashflow can deliver. And if you think it can’t, then just ask.

Mobile Convenience

Enhance communication about deals with all the features of a smart mobile device: photos, voice memos, maps and GPS info, social media, messaging and more.


Easy to use with its immensely practical screen layouts and time-saving navigation aids and in-app help.


Attractive and innovative screens remove the inherent complexity and make explanation effortless.


Easy to learn makes it suitable for every team member from the most junior to the most senior.

“There is no substitute
for seeing Dashflow Live”

Paul Crosbie – Fund Manager
M&G Real Estate


Power comes from the AI foundation which enables tremendous speed, awesome precision and a comprehensive coverage of deal-related issues.


Developed for core, core+, value-add, development deals within offices, industrial and retail, with other CRE-types on the way.


Works both offline and online so you can work on your deals anywhere at any time.

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When a task can be completed more or less on-the-spot, business operations can be streamlined, and inter-personal interactions smoothed.


Dashflow sets a new standard in tech and it will soon become an essential part of every CRE professionals toolbox.


Use software that knows what you want: speed, easy navigation, convenience, precision-and regular improvements.


Reduce risks by iterating scenarios easily. Always use the twin engine built-in self-check. When in doubt, audit results.


Dashflow integrates with all your office software: Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, PNG/JPEG files, Outlook, cloud drives and more.


All data calculations are handled by iOS device. By avoiding vendor or customer servers and cloud facilities, max security applies.

You’ve seen the brochure… now for a test drive: